Container Stop Expands into Serving Salinas Storage Containers

–Container Stop is excited to announce that they have expanded their company and are now providing Salinas storage containers. This means even more people can enjoy the great service and products that Container Stop has to offer.

Since they got their start as a company in 2015, Container Stop has become one of the premiere locally owned and operated companies in their industry. Container Stop specializes in delivering customizable and durable storage and shipping containers. They do rentals, purchases and so much more. Whether customers need a small 10’ container for their backyard, or a giant 40’ container for their lot, the company can help make sure customers find the right option for what they need. Also, with so many choices out there, Container Shop makes sure their customers know their options.

They also have many other customization options such as adding insulation, adding windows, adding doors and much more. They even offer used shipping and storage containers for those individuals out there who want some extra storage, but also want to save a little bit of money at the same time.

Best of all, the company will even deliver the container to the exact location the customer wants it on their property. However, their world class service doesn’t stop there. They can help out new customers find the perfect container, and also be there along the way to answer any questions they might have.

In the market for some Salinas storage containers for personal or commercial storage? If so, the first place to look should be Container Stop. Not only can they provide customers with amazing containers (and deliver and set them up), but they can also provide amazing service and support, whether in person or on the phone.

About Salinas

Salinas has a population of about 150,000 people and is located less than 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The marine climate of the area is amazing for veggie growers, vineyards and the floral industry. It is the main business and governmental center in the Monterey County region of California.

Container Stop
5873 Stockdale Rd
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 441-0883

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Container Stop Expands into Serving Fresno Storage Containers

–Container Stop is pleased to announce that they have expanded their company and are now serving Fresno storage containers. For years, Container Stop has been one of the premiere storage container companies in all of California.

Since their start as a company in 2015, Container Stop has grown into one of the best locally owned companies in their industry. They have provided shipping and storage containers to various different locations across the state of California and continue to grow as a company.

Whether customers need a large 40’ storage container for their property, or a smaller 10’ container, Container Stop can help. There are also many customization options such as insulating the container, adding windows or doors, and much more. The company will also deliver them to wherever the customers are, and their customer service and support is top notch throughout the entire process. They can answer any questions a customer might have and can guide them along the process of purchasing, renting, using and maintaining a storage container.

Container Stop is also great for those looking to save a bit of money too. In addition to selling brand new and customized storage containers, they also provide used containers that will offer customers the same great storage and service, with a slightly lower price!

Need some Fresno storage containers for storage or shipping? If so, be sure to reach out to Container Stop as they can help customers find the perfect container, while also providing them with world-class support along the way. They accept a wide range of payment options and their storage containers are great for either personal or commercial use.

About Fresno

With a population of well over 500,000 people, Fresno is the 5th most populous city in the state of California. It is an economic hub for the area (with agriculture being very important) and is nearly in the geographic center in the state. Because of this, getting to anywhere from Los Angeles, to San Francisco, to Sacramento isn’t a problem.

Container Stop
5873 Stockdale Rd
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 441-0883

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Container Stop Is Now Providing Hollister Storage Containers


–Container Stop, located in Paso Robles, California, is now providing Hollister storage containers. The expansion to deliver to Hollister, California is much needed with all of the agricultural development needs. Container Stop specializes in selling, renting, delivering, and customizing 10-40 ft shipping containers. The purposes for using storage containers have a wide range. From agricultural to rural, and residential, Container Stop has experience. For any needs like dry, refrigerated, insulated, and ventilated, Container Stop can customize it. Container Stop has the expertise to help customers decide which size container they need. Working with customers in the customization process, for a perfect shipping container transformation, is easy with Container Stop. Customers in Hollister, California know who to call to safely deliver a purchased or rented shipping container. Container Stop now has the ability to deliver any shipping container they carry to Hollister, California. Rent, own, and see what makes them such a popular storage container option. Using adapted shipping containers into storage containers makes so much sense.

Costs are competitive to wood frame and concrete structures, and the containers are easily moved at any future time, by Container Stop. Businesses love storage containers, because the low price for storage over time makes the most sense and pays for itself. The initial low cost to buy them, ability to stack, modify, scale up or down, and durability all lend to a great investment and worth. The long life and resale value ensure customers that their future storage needs will always be taken care of. Moving? Call Container Stop to help move the shipping container to a new location. Customers are happy with the freedom to move anywhere in California, or across the nation with the storage containers. Based out of Paso Robles in California’s central coast makes Container Stop easy access to travel in any direction for delivery. Being a small, family-owned business ensures attention to detail and supreme customer service satisfaction. Started in 2015, Container Stop was and still is the only shipping container company in the county of San Luis Obispo.

Hollister California is a primarily agricultural town in San Benito, California, right in the heart of the central California. Between Salinas and Gilroy, the town of Hollister, is an old west town settled by ranchers and farmers in 1872. The agricultural history, and being home to Pinnacles National Park, has made Hollister a beautiful and rich source of California’s history and culture.


Container Stop

5873 Stockdale Rd
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 441-0883


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Container Stop Now Providing Gilroy Storage Containers


–Recently, San Luis Obispo county’s only shipping container provider, Container Stop, is now providing storage containers to Gilroy, California. Container Stop is an all-in-one kind of business where customers have the option to buy, rent, and customize 10-40 foot shipping containers. Container Stop provides customers with a personalized, fully functioning,  storage container and delivers it exactly where it is needed. Container Stop is one of only a few shipping container providers in the Central California region. Container Stop is proud to not only customize Gilroy storage containers but to do it at a level of detail and professionalism not seen in the bigger shipping container businesses. All of the work that is needed for each individual order is carried out with Container Stop exclusively.

The owner of Container Stop, Garrett Crocker, is based in Paso Robles, California. Garrett has years of experience modifying shipping containers into various uses. With expertise in hauling and transporting and on-site storage, Container Stop is giving Californians a reason to celebrate. With a quickly growing business and a long list of previous clients, Container Stop Gilroy has a solid foundation of work and strives to be the best provider possible. Financially, shipping containers are competitive and cut down high overhead costs. Another reason to celebrate!

Agriculture is one of California’s biggest businesses, and Container Stop Gilroy has a wide variety of shipping containers perfect for keeping ranches and farms functioning smoothly. Secure with lockboxes, or bolt on locks, the shipping containers are theft-proof. With the ability to keep safe and secure, store dry or refrigerated goods, Container Stop has the customer’s needs covered. Container Stop can help customers install doors, windows, ventilation, electricity, insulation, racks, and shelving. From sliding doors to amazing paint jobs, and fully move in ready shipping containers, Container Stop does it all.

The ecological benefits of using upcycled shipping containers are proven when it helps to clean up our planet. People are seeking a greener future, amid a housing and environmental crisis, the and one of the possible solutions is to use recycling. With the use of recycled materials, Container Stop has given the eco-friendly minded people of California a business with heart and mind involved. Container Stop cares about the environment and strives to be ecologically aware. With some planning and design, the storage container of anyone’s dreams is easily attainable through Container Stop.


Container Stop

5873 Stockdale Rd.
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 441-0883


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Container Stop Atascadero Releases Report ‘5 Ideas For Shipping Container Tack Houses’

–This week, Atascadero storage container providers at Container Stop released the report,  “5 Ideas For Shipping Container Tack Houses.”

Container Stop has provided the Central Coast of California with the best possible tack houses made from shipping containers. Customized by Container Stop, of Paso Robles, each type of tack house can be suited to it’s individual needs. Horses and other farm animals need a lot of storage space for the saddles, and other tack. Here are some quick ideas to help customize any shipping container tack house.


  1. Consider lighting. Electricity is an option that can be used inside the container and also on the outside. Consider the structural layout of the shipping container and plan out what goes where before installing any electrical components. Solar panels are a great option!


  1. Horse stalls. Adding one or two horse stables to the tack house is a simple effective method of having easily transportable stables, and insulating them is an option worth the investment. Having the stable prebuilt saves the cost of building a stable from scratch.


  1. Storing feed. Animals and varmints love invading a fresh food supply, and keeping the farm’s food, hay and other precious resources locked up tight is not as hard as it seems. Cabinets can be built into the tack house and securely locked up. Counter spaces naturally take form when installing cabinetry, and having hanging hooks for other tack house goods makes for good organization on the walls. The security of shipping containers is designed into building them in the first place, to keep out any pests.


  1. Storms and weathering. Shipping containers are nearly air and watertight. The technology used to make storage containers ensures durability, strength and long-lasting use. Setting up a gutter system or rain catching system could be a useful way to recycle and use fresh rainwater and to also redirect it exactly where you want it.


  1. Creating additional storage space. It is so simple to line up two shipping containers parallel to each other and place a roof over the top. It makes for a quickly built barn, large shed, garage or workspace. Every tack room should have a wide open space to work in. Keeping a metal roof overhead is sure to shade the animals on hot summer days, and keep rain away during stormy winters.


Container Stop provides Atascadero storage container customers with nearly endless possibilities to customize a tack house specifically for each customer’s personal taste. A solid source of agricultural storage needs has been fulfilled for an area of California with many ranches, farmland and open spaces.


Container Stop


5873 Stockdale Rd

Paso Robles, CA 93446

(805) 441-0883


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Lighting Considerations for Customized Storage Containers


Finally, the decision is made and the order for that long dreamed about backyard studio or shop is about to be placed. The visions about settling in front of an easel, sipping morning coffee while gazing at the garden through the new office door, or firing up the power tools for woodworking projects are about to come true. All that is needed is to place the order with Container Stop for that storage container Monterey home and business owners have been talking about. The ever-growing versatility of storage containers Monterey and nearby areas has been turning to for extra space is unlimited thanks to Container Stop. The experienced staff at Container Stop not only delivers the customized container, they do the modifications needed for the perfectly repurposed storage container Monterey living has inspired.

Before completing the online quote request for Container Stop, take some time to think about answers to these two questions:

  • What do you need for your custom container?
  • Can your provide any other information to help us with your inquiry?

Answers to these questions are the guidelines the Container Stop crew finds helpful for making the needed modifications. Studios, offices and workshops all have unique lighting needs. Safety and productivity are at the top of the list that can bring the most enjoyment and satisfaction from the new space. Having windows and light fixtures installed where you need them it is going to:

  • Reduce or eliminate dependency on extension cords. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSO) there are about 4,000 injuries every year that are associated with extension cords. About half of the injuries are fractures, sprains and bumps and bruises that are treated in hospital emergency rooms.
  • Increase visibility by being able to direct light to where it is needed when it is needed.
  • Help make sure that power tools are used safely.
  • Prevent tripping and stumbling when walking to or from the house after dark.
  • Reduce the possibility of eye strain.

Windows are an excellent source of natural light. Placement of windows, perhaps including skylights or glass sliding doors, overhead lighting, lamps and outdoor lighting is going to increase satisfaction with the new workspace. Think about the following:

  • Where are you going to do the most work and what is the best primary light for that work? If you are painting or sketching, at least one skylight along with large windows might be order as well as artificial lighting that can be directed on the work.
  • Remember that plenty of light is essential when running power tools.
  • Computer work, writing and reading are all improved and eye strain reduced by the right kind of non-glaring lighting in the right places.
  • Are you planning on a storage closet, storage under a workbench or bookcases? Lighting in those areas might be beneficial. It’s much easier to find what you are looking for when a light is shining directly in the space.
  • Is overhead lighting going to work best in some areas of the workspace and desk or hanging lamps better in another?
  • Where will window placement be of the most benefit?
  • Remember to also include where electric outlets will need to be placed so there is someplace to plug in lamps and tools, and switch the lights on and off.

Paso Robles Storage Container Provider, Container Stop, Announces Launch Of New Website Designed By Access Publishing

Container Stop, a Paso Robles storage container provider, has recently announced the launch of a new website designed by Access Publishing, publishers of Paso Robles Daily News, Atascadero Daily News, and SLO County Visitor’s Guide. The new website features a wide array of new tabs, including a gallery, home page, contact information, and request a quote, where visitors can email Container Stop for a quote on rentals or purchases.

The new website offers a sleek, well-formatted design and offers useful information about the company, the owner, Garett Crocker, and the multiple means of contacting them. Included on the home page is a link to their Facebook and Twitter, accordion tabs with information regarding phone support and their shipping containers, links to the websites of companies who have worked with Container Stop in the past such as Ancient Peaks Winery, Carefree Pools, Clautiere Vineyards, Monterey Peninsula College, and Margarita Adventures, as well as a tab which allows the user to “Request a Quote.”

The “Request a Quote” tab takes the user to another page, where one can fill out information such as name, email, company or organization (if applicable), delivery address, city, state, and contact information, as well as desired specifications for the containers needed such as how many, container type (standard dry, chassis, refrigerated, or all), the size of the container needed (10 foot, 30 foot, and 40 foot offered), whether a rental or sale is needed, option for a cargo worthy shipping certification, and whether or not one has the means necessary to unload the containers such as a forklift and an option to provide further information necessary to help provide a price quote.

The Gallery tab takes users to a page that features pictures of some of the shipping containers offered by Container Stop and also showcases some of the modifications that have been made to the containers and are offered by Container Stop. In many of the pictures modifications such as standard doors, windows with shutters, and even pull-up doors to make mini storages out of the containers.

Container Stop
Container Stop is a Paso Robles Storage Container company started by local and Cal Poly graduate Garett Crocker to fulfill a need in the Central Coast and North County for outdoor, mobile storage. They offer fairly priced shipping containers as well as modification services to suit whatever needs customers may have. Container Stop ships all throughout California, and will even ship out of state, but offers free delivery to local orders. For all of Paso Robles shipping container needs, think Container Stop.

Container Stop
5873 Stockdale Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 441-0883

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Why should you choose Container Stop for your modified Paso Robles storage container project?

–In the past couple of years, the numbers of uses for storage and shipping containers has seen a drastic increase through modifications. While these containers were previously used strictly for shipping and storing large shipments, nowadays, people have found use for them as sheds, studios, garages, and even homes.

Container Stop has been meeting the demands for modified Paso Robles Storage Containers in the Central Coast. With various sizes of storage containers located right here in Paso Robles, Container Stop has seen a high demand for container modifications. So why should you choose Container Stop?

Composed of experienced modification experts.

For any project, simple or complicated, you always want someone experienced. If that person doesn’t know what they’re doing, how well might the final project come out? This is something you don’t have to worry about when you choose Container Stop!

“We have been doing a lot of modified containers lately. This is when you start with a standard size unit like 20 foot or 40 foot and cut it down to a custom length or add modifications for specific purposes,” said Garett Crocker, owner of Container Stop.

“We can cut to any length and add windows, doors, vents, and paint it any color. For example, if wineries need a secure place to store chemicals under lock and key, we’ll build a secondary wall in the container and install a door to separate the chemicals and maintain the safety of the workers by creating a separate room to store the chemicals in.” he continued.


One of the most attractive features of modified storage containers is the affordability. For example, many wineries have found that instead of building a new room entirely, it can be more beneficial and less costly to use modified Paso Robles storage containers with isolation, air conditioning units, and wood siding for tasting rooms. And with many modifications available, these modified containers can feel just as homey as any!

A reputation for satisfaction!

In the past, Container Stop has done several modified container projects throughout the Central Coast for companies such as Alliance Trucking, Ocean Mist Farms, and more, ranging from basic modifications such as offices, shops, lunch rooms, and garages to more complicated projects like kitchens, coolers, and dry storage areas.


Paso Robles Modified Storage Containers

With their popularity constantly growing and demand for modified containers on the rise, who knows what they’ll be capable of in the coming year. Constantly taking on new projects, Container Stop is always expanding their skills and learning to modify containers in ways previously unthinkable! For your next shipping container modification, give us a call at (805) 441-0883!

Tips to consider when buying a storage container

In this day and age, the usage of San Luis Obispo storage containers is no longer limited to shipping out large cargo. Both new and used shipping containers have seen a large variety of uses for other purposes, ranging from houses to garages to art studios to home storages. The ideas for conversions grow in number year by year. With a surplus of shipping containers all throughout the United States, there are plenty of deals to be found.

In California, however, particularly in the Central Coast, there are very few storage container providers, so it can be highly beneficial to know what to scout out for when looking to rent or purchase a shipping container. San Luis Obispo Storage Container provider Container Stop is the premiere source for storage containers on the Central Coast.
Tips to consider:

What will the container be used for?

There are many kinds of shipping containers ranging in a wide variety of sizes, durability, material, and condition. These are factors that one should take into consideration when in-the-market for a storage container depending on what the intended use is. For example, if the intended purpose is to convert a used container into a home, the scent of the interior may be a deal-breaker.
While minor issues like this can be easily fixed, some more major factors such as ventilation can be a little more costly to remedy. If planning to buy a used container, knowing the stats and history can be a huge step forward in achieving the desired results.

Where will the container(s) be put?
Location can have more of an effect on the cost of containers than one might think. For example, if the cheapest container provider is, say, 50 miles away, the cost of the delivery or truck rental combined with the cost of the container may wind up being greater than or equal to the cost of the more expensive, local shipping container dealer. Don’t let the price of the container itself cloud judgment, be sure to weigh the costs of both before making the final decision.

Should the container be protected?
Lastly, the amount of protection that comes with a container can be very important as well. Odds are, upon buying the container one won’t immediately begin the desired project. Until then, and even while in progress, it’s highly important that the container is protected. If the shipping container doesn’t come with a lock, consider having a lockbox installed or buying a chain and heavy duty padlock.

Container Stop
5873 Stockdale Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 441-0883

5 Things to Know Before Building a Storage Container Home

–In the past couple of years, Morro Bay storage containers have seen a variety of uses previously unimagined. One of the most popular alternative uses for them is the building of sustainable, livable housing projects! This makes perfect sense when you think about it, after all, storage containers such as those found here at Container Stop are relatively cheap, durable, and conveniently sized; in essence, each individual container is a potential room, meaning you can build your home the way you want it.

However, with Storage Container Homes still being a new concept in housing, there are few who possess the expertise necessary to build one as well as perform the modifications for things such as electricity, windows, and plumbing. Fortunately, we here at Container Stop are well-versed and fully capable of performing such modifications to our Morro Bay storage containers. And at that, we bring you these 5 tips to consider before taking on a storage container home project.

1. Inspect the containers before buying, or purchase entirely new containers. Storage containers generally vary in price depending on how many times they’ve been used. When you’re building a home with these things, it’s important that the containers you’re buying are in good shape. After all, buying a container at a good price is irrelevant if it’s unusable for the intended purpose.

2. Know your rules. Laws in each country, as you know, vary. This means that the guidelines for a container home in the U.S. may not follow the same regulations as a container home in Norway or France. Read up on your rules and regulations, container homes are just as susceptible to fires and other disasters as conventional homes.

3. Find a contractor that can handle the entire project. Making a container home is a step-by-step process. You’re gonna have to find a container salesman, perform the modifications, and then do the interior. Ideally you’d like to find a contractor that can do all of these things. That’s where we come in. Container Stop can deliver your containers, as well as perform modifications such as installing windows, pipes, and electricity to speed up the process.

4. Understand the market. What many people don’t know is that shipping containers actually come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Try to map out your plans for your home before purchasing the containers.

5. Know how to insulate. Morro Bay Storage Containers are susceptible to condensation during cold weather. Your best bet at combating this is to properly insulate the container, this is also crucial for maintaining heat if you don’t have ventilation systems installed.

For your storage container modification needs, call Container Stop at (805) 441-0883!