Lighting Considerations for Customized Storage Containers


Finally, the decision is made and the order for that long dreamed about backyard studio or shop is about to be placed. The visions about settling in front of an easel, sipping morning coffee while gazing at the garden through the new office door, or firing up the power tools for woodworking projects are about to come true. All that is needed is to place the order with Container Stop for that storage container Monterey home and business owners have been talking about. The ever-growing versatility of storage containers Monterey and nearby areas has been turning to for extra space is unlimited thanks to Container Stop. The experienced staff at Container Stop not only delivers the customized container, they do the modifications needed for the perfectly repurposed storage container Monterey living has inspired.

Before completing the online quote request for Container Stop, take some time to think about answers to these two questions:

  • What do you need for your custom container?
  • Can your provide any other information to help us with your inquiry?

Answers to these questions are the guidelines the Container Stop crew finds helpful for making the needed modifications. Studios, offices and workshops all have unique lighting needs. Safety and productivity are at the top of the list that can bring the most enjoyment and satisfaction from the new space. Having windows and light fixtures installed where you need them it is going to:

  • Reduce or eliminate dependency on extension cords. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSO) there are about 4,000 injuries every year that are associated with extension cords. About half of the injuries are fractures, sprains and bumps and bruises that are treated in hospital emergency rooms.
  • Increase visibility by being able to direct light to where it is needed when it is needed.
  • Help make sure that power tools are used safely.
  • Prevent tripping and stumbling when walking to or from the house after dark.
  • Reduce the possibility of eye strain.

Windows are an excellent source of natural light. Placement of windows, perhaps including skylights or glass sliding doors, overhead lighting, lamps and outdoor lighting is going to increase satisfaction with the new workspace. Think about the following:

  • Where are you going to do the most work and what is the best primary light for that work? If you are painting or sketching, at least one skylight along with large windows might be order as well as artificial lighting that can be directed on the work.
  • Remember that plenty of light is essential when running power tools.
  • Computer work, writing and reading are all improved and eye strain reduced by the right kind of non-glaring lighting in the right places.
  • Are you planning on a storage closet, storage under a workbench or bookcases? Lighting in those areas might be beneficial. It’s much easier to find what you are looking for when a light is shining directly in the space.
  • Is overhead lighting going to work best in some areas of the workspace and desk or hanging lamps better in another?
  • Where will window placement be of the most benefit?
  • Remember to also include where electric outlets will need to be placed so there is someplace to plug in lamps and tools, and switch the lights on and off.

Planning for permit and zoning requirements for storage containers

–To get the best use of your Atascadero storage container, be sure to learn about your city or county’s zoning requirements. Some cities might only allow a storage container in certain places or might prohibit even a temporary container in a driveway. Rural areas might be very liberal about where the container is placed or its size. Some zoning requires a minimum amount of acreage or lot size. If you live in a rural neighborhood that has formed a homeowner’s association (HOA), your container project might be subject to some additional requirements that are listed in the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs).

Nothing is more frustrating then to be part way into a great project only to have the government knocking on your door with warnings and threats of fines. Before starting your container project, call your city or county’s planning department and ask a few questions. Keep in mind that some zoning regulations might use the term “shipping” or “cargo” container instead of “storage.”

Some of the questions you may want to ask include:

1. What size of storage container can you have at your address?

2. Where can you place the container? Whether you are using it in a residential area or a commercial area may determine where you can put it.

3. What if your plans call for more than one container? How many can you have on your property?

4. Do you need a permit to set up a storage container on your property? Depending on how you are customizing your container, you may need a building permit. Connecting to a public electric supply, installing a pad, even grading to level the ground it will be on are things that might require a permit.

5. Is your container for temporary use or do you plan on it being a permanent addition to your property?

6. Are there any safety requirements? An all steel container might be fire resistant, but things like leaving a safe exit distance between the doorway and an adjoining building can make a difference during an earthquake or some other natural disaster.

Knowing what your local zoning requirements are before starting your project help you make some important decisions, especially if you are having your container customized. You will be able to modify your plans before the installation, saving time and minimizing unexpected expenses.

Here at Container Stop, we are always ready to answer your questions and provide as much assistance as possible. Give us a call at (805) 441-0883.

You can also request an online quote. <

Paso Robles Storage Container Provider, Container Stop, Announces Launch Of New Website Designed By Access Publishing

Container Stop, a Paso Robles storage container provider, has recently announced the launch of a new website designed by Access Publishing, publishers of Paso Robles Daily News, Atascadero Daily News, and SLO County Visitor’s Guide. The new website features a wide array of new tabs, including a gallery, home page, contact information, and request a quote, where visitors can email Container Stop for a quote on rentals or purchases.

The new website offers a sleek, well-formatted design and offers useful information about the company, the owner, Garett Crocker, and the multiple means of contacting them. Included on the home page is a link to their Facebook and Twitter, accordion tabs with information regarding phone support and their shipping containers, links to the websites of companies who have worked with Container Stop in the past such as Ancient Peaks Winery, Carefree Pools, Clautiere Vineyards, Monterey Peninsula College, and Margarita Adventures, as well as a tab which allows the user to “Request a Quote.”

The “Request a Quote” tab takes the user to another page, where one can fill out information such as name, email, company or organization (if applicable), delivery address, city, state, and contact information, as well as desired specifications for the containers needed such as how many, container type (standard dry, chassis, refrigerated, or all), the size of the container needed (10 foot, 30 foot, and 40 foot offered), whether a rental or sale is needed, option for a cargo worthy shipping certification, and whether or not one has the means necessary to unload the containers such as a forklift and an option to provide further information necessary to help provide a price quote.

The Gallery tab takes users to a page that features pictures of some of the shipping containers offered by Container Stop and also showcases some of the modifications that have been made to the containers and are offered by Container Stop. In many of the pictures modifications such as standard doors, windows with shutters, and even pull-up doors to make mini storages out of the containers.

Container Stop
Container Stop is a Paso Robles Storage Container company started by local and Cal Poly graduate Garett Crocker to fulfill a need in the Central Coast and North County for outdoor, mobile storage. They offer fairly priced shipping containers as well as modification services to suit whatever needs customers may have. Container Stop ships all throughout California, and will even ship out of state, but offers free delivery to local orders. For all of Paso Robles shipping container needs, think Container Stop.

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