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Tips to consider when buying a storage container

In this day and age, the usage of San Luis Obispo storage containers is no longer limited to shipping out large cargo. Both new and used shipping containers have seen a large variety of uses for other purposes, ranging from houses to garages to art studios to home storages. The ideas for conversions grow in number year by year. With a surplus of shipping containers all throughout the United States, there are plenty of deals to be found.

In California, however, particularly in the Central Coast, there are very few storage container providers, so it can be highly beneficial to know what to scout out for when looking to rent or purchase a shipping container. San Luis Obispo Storage Container provider Container Stop is the premiere source for storage containers on the Central Coast.
Tips to consider:

What will the container be used for?

There are many kinds of shipping containers ranging in a wide variety of sizes, durability, material, and condition. These are factors that one should take into consideration when in-the-market for a storage container depending on what the intended use is. For example, if the intended purpose is to convert a used container into a home, the scent of the interior may be a deal-breaker.
While minor issues like this can be easily fixed, some more major factors such as ventilation can be a little more costly to remedy. If planning to buy a used container, knowing the stats and history can be a huge step forward in achieving the desired results.

Where will the container(s) be put?
Location can have more of an effect on the cost of containers than one might think. For example, if the cheapest container provider is, say, 50 miles away, the cost of the delivery or truck rental combined with the cost of the container may wind up being greater than or equal to the cost of the more expensive, local shipping container dealer. Don’t let the price of the container itself cloud judgment, be sure to weigh the costs of both before making the final decision.

Should the container be protected?
Lastly, the amount of protection that comes with a container can be very important as well. Odds are, upon buying the container one won’t immediately begin the desired project. Until then, and even while in progress, it’s highly important that the container is protected. If the shipping container doesn’t come with a lock, consider having a lockbox installed or buying a chain and heavy duty padlock.

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5 Things to Know Before Building a Storage Container Home

–In the past couple of years, Morro Bay storage containers have seen a variety of uses previously unimagined. One of the most popular alternative uses for them is the building of sustainable, livable housing projects! This makes perfect sense when you think about it, after all, storage containers such as those found here at Container Stop are relatively cheap, durable, and conveniently sized; in essence, each individual container is a potential room, meaning you can build your home the way you want it.

However, with Storage Container Homes still being a new concept in housing, there are few who possess the expertise necessary to build one as well as perform the modifications for things such as electricity, windows, and plumbing. Fortunately, we here at Container Stop are well-versed and fully capable of performing such modifications to our Morro Bay storage containers. And at that, we bring you these 5 tips to consider before taking on a storage container home project.

1. Inspect the containers before buying, or purchase entirely new containers. Storage containers generally vary in price depending on how many times they’ve been used. When you’re building a home with these things, it’s important that the containers you’re buying are in good shape. After all, buying a container at a good price is irrelevant if it’s unusable for the intended purpose.

2. Know your rules. Laws in each country, as you know, vary. This means that the guidelines for a container home in the U.S. may not follow the same regulations as a container home in Norway or France. Read up on your rules and regulations, container homes are just as susceptible to fires and other disasters as conventional homes.

3. Find a contractor that can handle the entire project. Making a container home is a step-by-step process. You’re gonna have to find a container salesman, perform the modifications, and then do the interior. Ideally you’d like to find a contractor that can do all of these things. That’s where we come in. Container Stop can deliver your containers, as well as perform modifications such as installing windows, pipes, and electricity to speed up the process.

4. Understand the market. What many people don’t know is that shipping containers actually come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Try to map out your plans for your home before purchasing the containers.

5. Know how to insulate. Morro Bay Storage Containers are susceptible to condensation during cold weather. Your best bet at combating this is to properly insulate the container, this is also crucial for maintaining heat if you don’t have ventilation systems installed.

For your storage container modification needs, call Container Stop at (805) 441-0883!