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5 Creative Uses Of A Shipping Container

Posted on April 27, 2020 by Garrett Crocker
Stacked Shipping Containers

We’ve written all about the good reasons to score a shipping container. We’ve examined the many ways in which a shipping container can be converted into a living space. We’ve talked at length about people just like you who have turned shipping containers into super excellent, creative spaces. But what are some other creative uses of a shipping container?

Container Stop not only has the tools and the inventory to get you started right away, but we also have some stories to tell!

Remind us to tell you about the time we built a rooftop bar on a customer’s shipping container …

We’ve been in business for a while now, and one thing continually surprises us about our customers: They are a creative bunch! They — and we! — can convert shipping containers into much more than just steel boxes with doors and windows.

So, with our customers in mind — both past, repeat, and potential future customers — we thought we’d write a short blog post about some of the more enterprising — not to mention surprising! — uses of shipping containers.

So, without further adieu, here are …

5 Totally Cool and Creative Uses For A Shipping Container

  1. A shed! OK — so maybe this one doesn’t sound all that cool and creative at first glance. But hear us out. People buy shipping containers to create something useful and wonderful. Considering that a shed is useful, and a shipping container — waterproof, roomy, rugged — makes for a wonderful, sturdy, impenetrable shed, then this is the perfect marriage of form and function. Shipping containers are a great way to set up a space for gardening equipment, swimming pool supplies, or garage tools.
  2. Vacation home! Now we’re talking. Creative types can locate a shipping container on a beautiful piece of property with stunning views for use as a vacation retreat. Rent it out as a hotel or Airbnb or, if the spirit moves ya, turn it into a permanent shipping container home. Every day will seem like a vacation.
  3. Student Housing. The perfect solution for crowded, expensive cities searching for ways to provide accommodations for students. Young people have enough to worry about: enormous student debt, the cost of textbooks and food, etc. Buying up a bunch of unused shipping containers and then converting them into housing for students is a great way to help out the future leaders of America. Recycled shipping containers make great homes and office spaces at a fraction of the cost of regular student housing constructions.
  4. Retail Space. Another wonderful way to re-use old shipping containers and revitalize entire areas of a city. Imagine pop-up shops filled with all sorts of items for sale packed into an otherwise unused city block. Talk about urban renewal! In fact, in many parts of the world, shipping containers are reimagined as art studios and workshops, food cart pods, schools, hospitals, saunas, indoor gardens — even portable toilets in crowded city centers. If you have space and a dream, you can transform humdrum sections of a city into something new and vibrant and vital.
  5. Playgrounds! This requires a great deal of creativity — not to mention ingenuity. In underserved parts of our nation and the world — and, sadly, there are a lot of underserved parts of the world — shipping containers are being refashioned into safe and fun playgrounds for neighborhood children of all ages.

What do you imagine a shipping container can be? Let a shipping container bridge the gap between your container dreams and your container reality!

Questions? We’re ready to help. Contact Container Stop today. Better yet: Request a quote!

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