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6 Ways to Secure Your Arroyo Grande Storage Containers

Posted on January 29, 2016 by Container Stop
Lock to Secure Your Shipping Container

Secure Your Storage Container

Here at Container Stop, our Arroyo Grande storage containers have the strength and endurance to withstand shipping, storage, and handling. They range from large reusable steel boxes used for intermodal consignments, to the universal crimped boxes most of us are familiar with. Many people have taken to using these containers as an alternative to rental storage units, and some have even found ways to turn storage containers into innovative housing.

It is crucial that with these containers you secure them and keep them safe from thieves and vandals; here are 6 ways to assure their safety brought to you by Container Stop!

1. Lockboxes for your shipping containers. As many of us know, padlocks will not always keep your items safe, as many people can bust a padlock open with something as simple as a hammer. Unlike padlocks, lockboxes will are big steel boxes that simply cannot be tampered with; it’s near impossible to break through these! A lockbox will keep your padlock out of view and inaccessible to lock cutters, they’re inexpensive and easy to install.

2. Inner bolts are like deadbolts for your Arroyo Grande storage containers. Inner bolts are somewhat similar to deadbolts found in the doors of most houses; they are made of very solid steel that enables them to provide extra security to all types of containers. They lock the containers from the inside, making it near impossible to remove them from their position unless you can access them.

3. Crossbar locks: quick and easy. Crossbar locks are easily installable within seconds without welding; they prevent the primary doors’ handle from turning. Crossbar locks are designed so that even if someone were to succeed in cutting the padlock, they cannot get into the container.

4. Nothing says secure like an alarm system. No matter what for, alarm systems are always the best form of security; Traditional alarm systems can be used if your container is in close proximity to a building or phone line because they need an electrical connection or on-site landline. There’s also the GSM container alarm, which allows your 24-hour remote monitoring and wireless installation capabilities through the mobile phone network.

5. Perimeter fencing will keep those thieves and vandals at bay! Large perimeter fencing is made up of metal mesh and bars and in a row of razor wire at the top, making it incredibly difficult to climb. It won’t necessarily stop intruders, but come on, who’s really willing to climb a 9-foot fence topped off with razor wire?

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