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Best Lock For Shipping Containers

Posted on August 8, 2019 by Container Stop
Image of a blue lock to illustrate best lock for shipping containers

What’s the Best Lock for a Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are designed for rugged and lasting protection. After all, they’re constructed to weather — literally! — the rigors of transport across the high seas. They are, for all intents and purposes, waterproof, airtight and impervious to extremes of hot and cold. Still, when it comes to securing the contents of your shipping container, it doesn’t help to have an additional layer of security. Fortunately, this additional layer is easy to come by. What’s the best lock for a shipping container?

There are a variety of locks and securing systems that will protect the contents of your storage container. These may be especially helpful if you decide to convert a shipping container into a shipping container home. In fact, if you do decide to make this transition, there will actually be more reason to add locks, since a shipping container home is likely to have been customized with additional doorways, windows, and skylights, as the case may be.

Locks are also necessary to secure the contents of containers used for storage. For example, as posted by the Paso Robles Daily News, “Agriculture is one of California’s biggest businesses, and there is a demand for shipping containers in Gilroy to help keep ranches and farms functioning smoothly. Secure with lock boxes, or bolt-on locks, the shipping containers are theft-proof.”

So what is the best high-security lock for shipping containers? Let’s examine this question.

Secure Your Stuff!

Securing Your Shipping Container

Please keep in mind that the best lock for you depends on your particular container and your particular needs. Container Stop can help answer any questions you may have about securing your container, so please don’t hesitate to ask about any of the locks or their features listed below. We can also recommend specific brands that we think are the best in the industry.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at three different ways to lock your shipping container.


Padlocks are tried-and-true standbys for securing anything with a hinged or slide opening and a loop to attach the lock to. But padlocks are only as secure as the quality of the steel they’re made of. There is a near-infinite variety of padlocks, so be sure to find one which fits your container. Some storage container owners like to go high-tech and attach a digital padlock, but these are susceptible to hackers, so make sure you do your research when considering one of those.


Padlocks don’t always do the trick — at least not on their own; a determined person could bust open your padlocks with any number of tools and a little consistent — albeit noisy — pounding and pressure. Lockboxes, on the other hand, are large steel boxes that are nearly impossible to tamper with. A good, solid lockbox hides your padlock within, making it — and your container — inaccessible. One drawback: Lockboxes can limit the type and size of padlocks to secure your container.


Easy to install, crossbars have the added advantage of preventing the container or storage unit door handles from moving. That means that even if someone were to cut through your padlock, they wouldn’t be able to access the container since the handle is still secure.

Other Security Measure

There are additional security measures you can take, such as the installation of a fence to provide perimeter security. You can also add security cameras and alarm systems. Some of them will even alert you via your smartphone, allowing you to speak to the potential intruder from your phone to a speaker system set up at the container.

Of course, you may consider hiring security guards or acquiring a guard dog, although each of these has its own pros, cons, and legal liabilities that must be considered.

As we mentioned, we’re happy to discuss this issue with you further.

Call Container Stop today. We’re the best in the business, we’re ready to serve, and we look forward to speaking with you.

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