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How tall is a high cube container

Posted on October 6, 2020 by Container Stop
Examples of standard and high cube container

After decades of spending time on the high seas, shipping containers have been making their way to dry land. In the form of extra storage for tire shops, mobile offices at construction sites, and even swimming pools. Shipping containers are quite sturdy and weather tight, making them the ideal solution for any number of applications.

If you have an idea for a shipping container, chances are it can be personalized. However, there are things you have to consider when buying a shipping container. Most importantly, just how big (or small) do they get? While the width is usually eight feet, and the length can be customized, there are just two options for the height.

High Cube Containers

The standard height of a container is around 8 ½- feet tall, which is usually enough room for just about any type of storage. The interior is a little bit shorter than that, of course, but still enough headroom for a tiny house or agricultural equipment storage. The height of a container can’t be altered for structural purposes, there are taller containers available.

These are known as “High Cube” containers. With a height of 9 ½ feet, high cube containers often seem a little roomier, even if the width of the container is the same as the standard size. Even with the expanded height, these containers are just as sturdy as the 8 ½ tall containers. And all shipping containers used for traditional and customized uses are wind and watertight.

Customizing Your Container

At Container Stop, we like to say “Our Box, Your Dream.” And although the height and width of the container must stay the same, everything else can be just to your liking. Standard lengths include 20, 30, 40, and 45 feet, but can be cut down to five feet. Or 16 feet. Or 23 feet, 6 inches. Whatever you need, we can provide.

When choosing a size, don’t forget where you’re putting it. If you want a 45-foot high cube container to store your irrigation equipment in the middle of a field, delivery should be relatively easy. Still, making sure fences and other obstacles are removed so we can gain access to the field is important.

Need a container for behind your store? We’ll need up to an additional 40-feet of room to maneuver depending on what truck we’re using. If you have a crane available (at a construction site for example), the delivery of your storage container becomes that much easier.

More Personalizations

Once the size and placement are determined, it’s time for the fun stuff! Adding windows, personal doors, roll-up doors, air conditioning, and so much more. We’ve created offices within a container, including bathrooms, and insulation. As we said before, if you can think of it, we can probably customize it.

All we need to know are the specifics of where the utilities will be coming into the structure. This will lead us when it comes to providing the proper access points for the shipping container as well as how we place it. Once the utilities are hooked up, you’re ready to go!

Work With Experience

Container Stop has transformed ordinary cargo containers into office space, auxiliary dwelling, and even storefronts for vendors. Installing entrances, venting, electricity, and more. From customizing containers for campground laundry facilities to rooftop bars. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, we’re hit with something new and exciting.

So if you’re thinking of buying a storage container and turning it into something completely different, reach out to Container Stop. We buy the container, customize the container, and deliver the container all over California, throughout the Pacific Northwest, and as far away as Texas. We look forward to turning your dreams into reality.

Our Box, Your Dream!

We’ve built cabins, garden sheds, and tack rooms with our containers. Have an idea for your shipping container? Let us know!

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