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How to Heat and Cool a Shipping Container Home

Posted on April 20, 2020 by Garrett Crocker

Container Stop has so many ways to personalize shipping container homes that it’s difficult if not impossible to describe them all in one blog post.

Actually, scrap that. It actually is impossible to describe them all in one post. That’s because we’re always thinking of new ways to customize shipping containers in order to transform them into something comfortable and spectacular.

It’s also because of our customers. Not long after seeing a shipping container home firsthand, they soon acquire a crystal clear understanding of the possibilities. Since there are very few limitations to the ways and methods in which a container can be customized, customers can let their imaginations run wild.

Thus, we get some of our best ideas from clients!

Customization Options

And that’s really why it’s not possible to describe each and every way to customize a shipping container home. It’s impossible because of all the possibilities!

Consider, for example, the following: How to heat and cool a shipping container home. There are lots of great ways to keep your shipping container home cool in hot climates and to get some cozy warm air inside even in super cold climates.

It’s true that these containers were once just steel boxes shipping items across vast oceans. It’s also true, however, that they can be turned into comfy abodes with portable air conditioners, where the air flows smooth and cool and the energy efficiency is better than most homes. 

Heating and Cooling A Shipping Container Home

There are a lot of different ways to add heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) amenities to your shipping container home. This could be traditional electricity, sure; but it could also be propane tanks, solar panels, or the addition of insulation.

Containers can also be designed so as to allow a lot of natural light and air inside, thus easing the burden of heating, cooling and ventilating.

As we wrote in “Are Container Homes Eco-Friendly Homes?”:

Another overlooked aspect of building shipping container houses is that they can easily be arranged to take advantage of natural light to make the living space warm and inviting — or cool and inviting. In fact, managing heat and cool spaces inside a tiny house is easily accomplished.

Basically, if it can be used to heat, cool, or ventilate a traditional home, it can be used to HVAC a shipping container home, too!

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