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Where To Buy Insulated Shipping Containers

Posted on August 7, 2019 by Container Stop
A stack of brightly colored insulated shipping boxes

Interested In Insulated Shipping Boxes?

Container Stop can help secure insulated shipping containers for you. In fact, we sell a lot of insulated containers for refrigeration purposes. These come insulated, but we can absolutely add new cooling systems if and when needed. (Insulating a container for a “mini home” is done a little differently. Call us for details!)

Quick note: When we refer to “insulated shipping boxes” in this blog piece, we’re talking about shipping containers. Why? Because a lot of people out there are in the market for insulated shipping containers but are searching for (what they call) insulated shipping boxes. So we want to be ready for them when they search!

Container Stop is the best in the business. We can get you just about whatever you need in the shipping container world. Plus, we can bring it to you, and customize it with a whole host of sweet amenities.

Standard shipping boxes are in a variety of sizes: usually 10 feet, 20 feet, 40 feet, and 45 feet long. But at Container Stop, we can provide you with a shipping box of just about any size. Need a 15-footer? Yep, we can do that! Want more than just an insulated box? Let us add windows, doors, lighting, and plumbing fixtures to make it truly your own.

Contact Container Stop with any questions.

OK, on with the post!

Insulated Shipping Containers

Manufacturers create insulated shipping boxes to transport items that require refrigeration. Other times, they’re used to ship products that may not need refrigeration but do need to be kept within a specific range of temperatures.

But why buy a shipping container in the first place? There are tons of reasons!

  • Environmentally friendly (see our blog post on energy efficiency)
  • They can be customized for luxury
  • Can be combined into multi-unit complexes or multi-unit storage sites
  • Can be used for retail overstock maintenance
  • They can be obtained for very little money
  • Can be considered for alleviating cities’ housing and homeless crises

Some sources estimate that at any given time there are literally hundreds of millions of shipping containers sitting empty and unused around the world.

Pricing for Insulated Shipping Containers

Insulated shipping containers are sometimes available for bargain prices. Contact Container Stop today to ask about what we can procure for you. There’s a chance that we can find a used insulated shipping box for you that will have thicker walls, double-sealed and insulated doors, and even ceiling insulation.

Of course, some buyers secure a shipping container and then insulate it themselves. We only recommend such an undertaking if you have experience with building or general contracting.

Container Stop

Superb workmanship, flexible and helpful customization, and 100% customer satisfaction are the top priorities at Container Stop. Regardless of what you need or where you are, we will work with you to solve your shipping container needs.

Container Stop even has shipping containers in like-new condition. They’re sometimes called “one-trippers.” The only trip they make is to the United States. They look great, are still sturdy as heck, and the paint is often just like new!

Insulated shippers allow for a high degree of control of the temperature within the unit. That means it won’t get scorching hot in the summer or frigid cold in the winter.

Call Container Stop today! We look forward to serving you.

Our Box, Your Dream!

We’ve built cabins, garden sheds, and tack rooms with our containers. Have an idea for your shipping container? Let us know!

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