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Our future is upcycled

Posted on January 25, 2018 by Container Stop

Upcycling: Shipping Containers

The possibilities are endless. Hollister storage container providers at Container Stop believe that sustainability is important. Upcycled storage containers will be making a huge impact on the way the future will be living. They are efficient, durable, sustainable, and lend themselves to smart modular designs. Upcycled shipping containers are even being made into floating houses for students in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is an ingenious use of space and to maximize the lifespan of the storage containers. From tiny houses, to fallout shelters, pools, backyard storage, or spaces for creativity, the sky’s the limit! Whatever comes to the imagination, just think how much fun you can have customizing your own storage container, in an affordable and easy way. Not only are people recycling shipping containers into homes and other things, people are recycling and repurposing large portions of the interiors as well, which also helps reduce the need for manufacturing new raw materials. If we can all reduce our carbon footprints by upcycling, and maximizing the things we already have around us, then we will be able to clean up some of the extra things cluttering our world. There is an increased importance in companies making sustainable and reusable products. Green living is trending, and some of the storage containers being repurposed are absolutely stunning.

The website, features a list of 35 ideas to get you started on what sort of plans you would like to make when creating your own custom shipping container. There’s even a recycled city in Mexico made of storage containers, Mexican Recycled city, which has everything a normal city has including, shops, restaurants, galleries, working and living spaces. Container Stop, the company providing storage containers to Hollister and all of California, can provide your space with new or used modular and modern shipping containers!

The strength, stability, and security that you get from a storage container makes it so easy to use them in a vast array of ways. You can stack them up to build yourself a multi-leveled home, a spacious and beautiful farmyard barn, you can bury them in the ground to make a post-apocalyptic bunker, or insulate the walls and have a sound proof music studio. Keeping any style of upcycled storage container on virtually any property is only going to enhance the value. The compact size, ease of transportation and installation make for the perfect shelter of the future. Hollister Container Stop is here for you. Easy to transport, easy to customize, and fun to design, having your storage container just the way you like it or need it is easier than ever, now you can buy or rent locally!

California’s own Hollister storage container provider, Container Stop makes it a local and easy decision. See what they are all about at our location in Paso Robles, California.


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