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Is it possible to make a container house energy efficient?

Is It Possible To Make A Container House Energy-Efficient?

How To Make A Container House Energy-Efficient The world of shipping container houses is growing. More and more people are learning about the benefits of reusing and recycling shipping containers into something totally new. But for some potential buyers, questions remain, including: Is it possible to make a container house energy-efficient? Answer: Absolutely. In fact,…

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A stack of brightly colored insulated shipping boxes

Where To Buy Insulated Shipping Containers

Interested In Insulated Shipping Boxes? Container Stop can help secure insulated shipping containers for you. In fact, we sell a lot of insulated containers for refrigeration purposes. These come insulated, but we can absolutely add new cooling systems if and when needed. (Insulating a container for a “mini home” is done a little differently. Call…

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Tack Room created from Shipping Container

Floors and Sub-Floors for Storage Containers in Monterey

Shipping Container Flooring Storage containers are a great way to get a little bit of extra room for your furniture, clothing or other items. Monterey storage containers company Container Stop offers a wide variety of customized storage containers and pride themselves on their amazing customer services throughout the delivery and purchasing process. However, before you…

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Five Important Considerations For Remodeling A Storage Container

Remodeling Storage Containers Container Stop is a storage container company in Paso Robles, California offering sales and modification services to suit their customers’ needs. Based on years of experience, Container Stop recommends five considerations to help streamline remodeling and save the owner time and money. Adding these considerations to a modification project will bring the…

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The Container Stop Releases The Report ‘Reasons To Ventilate A Storage Container’

Reasons to Ventilate Storage Containers Container Stop owner Garrett Crocker, has released a report about the importance of ventilating storage containers. “Not only does the right kind of ventilation keep air flowing, it helps prevent property loss to mold and rust,” said Crocker. “Ventilation also a health consideration for people working inside.” Container Stop is…

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Shipping container turned into storage with two roll-up doors

Why Business Owners Love Storage Containers for Atascadero

Storage Containers for Atascadero Business Owners Storage containers globally are pleasing business owners in multiple ways. Pop-up shops, inventory storage, restaurants, offices, gyms, etc., we know the modular design is perfect for any business. The creativity and culture surrounding recycled shipping containers is catching onto people. Container Stop is the local Central Coast source for…

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Our Box, Your Dream!

We’ve built cabins, garden sheds, and tack rooms with our containers. Have an idea for your shipping container? Let us know!

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