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Shipping Container Cabin: Remodel and Getaway!

Posted on January 25, 2018 by Container Stop

When one thinks about the joys and delights of their very own cabin in the woods, what immediately springs to mind? A wooden cabin, right? Or perhaps something constructed out of rock?

It’s almost like the fable about the Three Little Pigs: One cabin made out of wood. One cabin made out of stone. And one cabin made out of … steel?

Yes, steel. As in shipping container steel — something even stronger than both wood or rock (or straw or bricks, for that matter). Let’s see the Big Bad Wolf — or the Big Bad Bear or the Big Bad Snowstorm or the Big Bad Whatever — try and blow a shipping container cabin down!

Shipping containers are constructed to be extraordinarily rugged and impenetrable. Wouldn’t it make sense that a shipping container cabin would be just as secure?

Best of all, the shipping container cabin could be modified and customized in such a way as to provide the owner and his guests with a truly unique and wonderful cabin getaway.

So let’s ask the question: What if cabins could be made with recycled shipping containers? Shipping containers are already retrofitted, reimagined and reconstructed for multiple uses, including:

  • Housing
  • Schools
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Workshops
  • Food Carts
  • Office Spaces
  • Emergency Hospitals
  • Storage Units
  • Portable toilets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Art Studios
  • Art Galleries
  • Saunas
  • Disaster Shelters
  • Emergency Housing
  • Cafes
  • Vacation Homes
  • Student Housing
  • Swimming Pools
  • Campers
  • Urban Centers
  • Malls
  • Laboratories
  • Greenhouses and Nurseries
  • Garage/Carparks
  • Gymnasiums

We’re going to stop here before that bulleted list gets too long and unwieldy. Suffice it to say that a shipping container is imminently customizable.

Cabins Made From Shipping Containers

Now, back to the subject at hand.

How many possible cabin types can be fashioned from upcycled shipping containers? Endless amounts. With a variety of building materials at our disposal, we can make eco-friendly tiny homes and cabins with 40 feet of windows and 160 square feet or 320 square feet of living space and creative floor plans.

Recycled shipping container homes can feature sliding glass doors and all sorts of alternative living spaces within (including living rooms, naturally). More than just custom homes, more than just tiny houses, steel shipping container cabins with modern interiors are custom container living at its finest.

And to put all that creative comfort somewhere out in the wilderness? Well, that sounds like paradise to us.

Container Stop

How can it be done? Container Stop! By providing storage containers to anybody who needs one, we have the experience needed to create any custom design that one can dream up.

The storage containers that people in, for example, Fresno, California, usually see are steel structures that have been dumped in storage yards and lay empty. They’re just waiting for their chance to shine.

With so much forest and countryside around, along with a need to have strong resilient housing, storage container cabins create the perfect solution.

Storage containers have so much flexibility, why not use them as cabins? The shape and size are just perfect for a woodsy getaway, secure from the aforementioned Big Bad Bears and Big Bad Thieves. They’re also easy to transport to the perfect location.

Most cabin builders are seeking practicality; they choose the most practical cabin building supplies. There is no reason to overspend on the newest, greenest technology in home building supplies.

Using what is already here, we can easily see that insulating, flooring, and customizing keeps costs low. Most people find that keeping the cabin on the smaller side is a smart idea.

Generally used by hunters and landowners, tiny cabins made from shipping containers make a great choice for people just buying a property with no previous cabin.

Container Stop understands just how many beautiful lakes and rivers could use a nice little remodeled storage container. Permanent residents will have a water/rodent-proof structures to call home — and with minimal impact on the environment.

Safe from predators and home invaders of all types, Container Stop educates customers on all the newest tips and ideas. Cabins are keeping costs down and saving some trees for the next generation.

Container Stop is located in Paso Robles, California, in the heart of wine country. We’re one of the leading providers of shipping containers, storage containers, and cargo containers. We’ll deliver anywhere.

Get in touch with us today, and be one step closer to your own natural space.

Our Box, Your Dream!

We’ve built cabins, garden sheds, and tack rooms with our containers. Have an idea for your shipping container? Let us know!

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