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Shipping Container Delivery

Posted on September 18, 2020 by Container Stop
Truck delivering a storage container over a stream

Shipping containers come in a wide variety of sizes, can be customized for almost any storage situation, and will keep contents protected against the elements. Most containers are eight feet, six inches high on the exterior, although high cube containers are a foot taller.

Used for track supplies at high schools, rooftop bars, swimming pools, and construction site offices, the possibilities for use are almost never-ending. However, there is one thing a 40-foot shipping container can’t do: fit in 20 feet of space. In fact, before any container can be placed, there must be enough room to deliver it.

Site Considerations For Container Delivery

The size of the area you want to put the container obviously needs to be able to accommodate it. Shipping containers don’t just drop out of the sky and position themselves, either. The site needs to be evaluated before any shipping container can be delivered.

Space For The Container
No matter the size, it needs to be able to fit where you want it. Out in the middle of the field is no problem. Behind a tire store to hold extra inventory, but out of sight of customers? You better get out a tape measure and take all possible angles into consideration.

Space For The Delivery Truck
Depending on the size of the container, there are a few delivery options. Smaller containers may be delivered by a truck on a small trailer so not as much room is necessary. Larger containers, or perhaps two 20 ft containers, will need a heavy mover and longer trailer. So it will need room to get into the area and then get out of the area.

If there are power lines, tree limbs, or any other obstructions, the container may need to be dropped off further away from the delivery site than you prefer. It’s true our tallest containers are nine-and-a-half-feet – but don’t forget about the height of the trailer. That’s another three to four feet to consider, even more, if the truck bed is tilted.

Tilt bed trailer placing a shipping containerSpace For Unloading
During a site evaluation, determining how the container will be offloaded from the container must enter into the equation. For example, if you have a crane operator on site that can lift and put the container in space, that pretty much answers the question. The truck pulls up, the crane lifts the container, and the truck gets out of the way.

As a homeowner using a container as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), chances are you won’t have a forklift or crane handy. Which is fine: Many containers are delivered on the backs of tilt-bed trucks. This means there must be space for the container and the truck to pull all the way forward in a straight line as well.

Before The Container Arrives

When considering where to place a container, make sure to look at the ground itself. Any empty container is heavy enough, weighing up to five tons when filled. Will the ground beneath be able to handle that kind of weight? Even if it’s empty?

Also, if the ground isn’t level enough, you may struggle to open or shut the large container doors. To prepare your site for a container, make sure to grade the area and shore up the earth. Instead of trying to place small footings in the right place, consider using crane mats to help disperse the weight.

Work With A Professional

Container Stop modifies shipping containers to fit your exact needs, but can also deliver almost anywhere. Whether it’s Paso Robles, around California, or throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, we have encountered many different surroundings. If a container can be delivered, we’re able to get it there.

Have questions about a delivery area or how we can customize a shipping container for you? Take a look at our sizes and examples of our work and then request a quote for add ons and delivery. We offer prompt answers and fast turn-around times. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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