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Shipping Container Doors: Opening to a Wider World

Posted on July 20, 2020 by Container Stop
Illustration of thre shipping containers being lifted through a blue sky to illustrate Shipping Container Doors Opening to a Wider World

How do you know which shipping container you should choose? There are size, weight, and height considerations to take into account. Of course, there are also other details that need to be worked out, including such fundamental questions as what kind of shipping container doors to install.

Each of these questions — and many, many more — depend on one thing: what the shipping container will be used for. For example, a shipping container destined to be used for storage will likely have different doors than one to be used as a food cart.

At Container Stop, our vast inventory of shipping containers can be used for multiple purposes, including commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. But we’re beginning to see a huge increase in the number of shipping containers that will be used for things such as apartment or condo bicycle storage.

We’ve also seen an uptick in the number of farmers and agricultural workers who are considering purchasing a shipping container for farm storage space. The interesting thing is that the sheer number of unused shipping containers worldwide means that the price for shipping container storage unites is often much lower than traditional storage sheds.

All of this is a long-winded way to say that shipping containers are inherently customizable — and the doors that adorn them are, too!

About Shipping Container Doors

Shipping container doors come in all shapes and sizes. Consider the door on a shipping container modified to be used as a construction site’s main office space. Chances are that door will be used often, with lots of people going in and out all day long. This type of use informs the design of the door itself, which in this case might be what’s known as a personnel door.

Next, think about the type of door one would need in a bicycle storage container. In that case, the shipping container might be customized so as to allow for a wide berth into and out of the container. After all, during the morning and evening commutes, there may be many people trying to access the container all at once. Thus, this type of modified shipping container might be well served by a large cargo door with a ramp leading up to it.

Now, what if the items being stores in the storage container are extremely large, such as lawn and/or farming equipment? In this instance, perhaps it’s best to install an automatic or roll-up door to allow for ease of entry and exit so that the operator doesn’t have to exit the vehicle to open and close the heavy-duty door.

What else? We’ve modified shipping containers to include secure swinging doors so that when closing the doors, the container itself becomes a secure lock box for whatever’s inside. We’ve even seen our shipping containers turned into beautiful and cozy cafes with sliding doors that allow for lots of natural light and a comfortable and inviting dining space.

Long story short: Everything we do at Container Stop is designed to provide our customers with precisely the type of shipping container that suits their needs. And with their rugged and customizable features, a shipping container is winning many people over once they’ve had a good look inside and out.

Give us a call today, and let’s start a discussion about how best to provide you with a shipping container space that works for you.

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