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Shipping Container Windows Let Sunshine (and Business) In

Posted on April 30, 2020 by Garrett Crocker

Shipping Container Home Windows

We could go on and on about shipping container windows here at the Container Stop blog. Experience has shown us that clients possess a near-limitless ability to imagine windows of many shapes, sizes, placements, opacity, and more.

It’s one of the things that make our line of work so interesting and challenging. We have deep experience in customizing windows for shipping container homes and offices. Yet our clients are often able to surprise with their ideas for shipping container windows.

This adds to our knowledge base, meaning that every shipping container we customize elevates our creativity as we move forward.

And we are moving forward. More and more people are beginning to realize the great amount of flexibility available in shipping container homes and shipping container offices. That’s to say nothing of the possibilities inherent in their most basic form — i.e., as storage containers.

Customized Windows for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers don’t come with windows, naturally. These rugged steel containers are effectively and efficiently designed to be transported across rough, towering seas without spilling their contents or allowing the elements to penetrate its exterior.

But when the time comes to customize a shipping container, people are often drawn more to the less obvious possibilities of shipping container living. First and foremost: Let’s install windows!

Bounce around the internet for a while, and you’ll come across plenty of videos and articles about shipping container windows. One thing becomes apparent the more you research: There’s a tremendous amount of variety in shipping container windows.

On a more fundamental level, however, windows turn a container into a livable and workable space. Windows let in natural light, instantly transforming the area into something warm and inviting.

Let’s examine a few possibilities.

Windows and Shipping Containers

The type of windows we install in a shipping container depends on a number of factors, including the client’s personal preferences. But generally speaking, they fall into several broad categories with a lot of variety available within each of them.

Privacy Windows: For when you need some natural light but want to prevent people from getting up in their tiptoes to peek into your container.  These tend to be placed high up near the ceiling and are relatively small.

View Windows: For maximizing views and natural light when your shipping container home is located in a beautiful part of the world. Also an excellent choice if your container is to be used as a welcoming retail space. Finally, container offices that need an all-encompassing view of a construction site will benefit from big view windows.

Sliding Glass Doors: While not windows per se, sliding glass doors are perfect additions to shipping containers that require a lot of easy in-and-out access.

Sales Windows: Also known as concession windows, these are meant to foster business transactions for those containers that have been converted into food carts or vendor pods. The windows can be locked and barred at the end of the business day.

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