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Shipping Containers for Sale

Why Containers

A Container, Sea Train, or Connex Box is the absolute best solution for cost-effective external on-site storage in terms of security, durability, mobility, and functionality. At Container Stop we Sell, Rent, Modify & Relocate Containers.

Our containers are a versatile solution with unlimited possibilities.  We use a multipurpose steel box that is durable, heavy, indestructible, secure, waterproof, customizable, spacious, and mobile to create the most imaginative, original visionary, and clever storage solutions possible.  We are your Trusted Solution!

When buying a container for any use there are some basic decisions that need to be made. We have an affordable option for all your needs.  There are 3 choices that you must make to make an informed decision.

  1. What SIZE of container (Length & Height)
  2. What GRADE of container (Condition)
  3. What Modifications do you need

It is our objective to help you make the most informed decision possible at the most competitive price point in the industry.  Consider this basic information and contact us (1-800-674-9343) at any point for any help that we can provide.


Container Types

Dry Container

The most commonly sold/rented container that we offer. Made of 14 gauge Cor-Ten steel construction that refers to the two distinguishing properties of this type of steel; corrosion resistance and tensile strength. It is built to take abuse and last. It is over-engineered and made to fill with more than 50,000 pounds of goods, and stacked 10 plus high on cargo ship that will weather any storm. The floors are marine grade plywood and engineered to handle more than 70,000 pounds of weight. IT’S THE STRONGEST, TOUGHEST SMALL BUILDING ON EARTH TODAY!

Insulated Container

This container is meant for items that could be heat sensitive. It creates an environment that is heat resistant and it maintains a moderate temperature in extreme environments. There is no working refrigeration or A/C unit in this container, an AC unit can be added very easily to maintain a desired temperature if needed. It is simply insulated with 4 ½ inches of rigid foam insulation on all of the walls and ceiling to an R value of 30. It will meet all of your needs for storage of furniture or other items that cannot take exposure to high temperatures for extended periods of time.

Customized and Modified

This is a container of any size or type listed above that we customize and modify to suit you storage needs. We provide the most imaginative, original, visionary and clever storage solutions possible.

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Container Grades

A – (1 Trip Container)

Custom shipping container

Excellent condition. This is called in our business a one trip container because like it’s description it has only made 1 trip across the ocean. It is considered like-new and for all practical purposes, it is new. The paint is in excellent condition and there are few if any dings or dents

B – (Cargo Worthy)

Used shipping container

It is worthy to be used in international maritime shipping around the world. This a good used container that is not perfect, but not beat either, some dents and dings. This is an outstanding choice for a container that you will use as-is for storage and or modification.

C – (Wind and Water Tight)

Wind and air tight shipping container

Container that has been retired as a shipping container yet it retains the same great indestructible and wind and watertight properties. It is cosmetically not as pleasing but still perfectly functional. Though retired, it’s structural integrity remains uncompromised. This is the most economical unit that we sell. (Note We will custom paint any container to meet your needs).

D – (As is)

As is shipping container

There are containers that we have in our inventory that we deem not wind and watertight. They do not meet our specifications for minimum wind and watertight requirements. We do offer these “AS-IS” for some storage needs.

R – (Refurbished)

cleaned and repainted shipping container

There are containers that we have repaired, cleaned, painted, and tested and brought back to a B or C grade with a fresh coat of paint.

Container Sizes

Stock Lengths
20 Foot – Outer Dimension 20’ (Usable Interior Dimension) 19’ 4”
40 Foot – Outer Dimension 40’ (Usable Interior Dimension) 39’ 5”
45 Foot – Outer Dimension 45’ (Usable Interior Dimension) 44’ 5”

Stock Height
Standard – Outer Dimension 8’ 6” (Usable Interior Dimension) 7’ 10”
High Cube – Outer Dimension 9’ 6” (Usable Interior Dimension) 8’ 10”

Custom Sizes – (5’- 44’)
We can custom fabricate to any length or reasonable height. 5’ – 44’ – are typically our lengths.

Our Box, Your Dream!

We’ve built cabins, garden sheds, and tack rooms with our containers. Have an idea for your shipping container? Let us know!

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