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Shipping Containers: The Standout Storage Solution for Government Agencies and Contractors

In the realm of storage solutions, shipping containers have emerged as indispensable solutions for government agencies and contractors seeking versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. This guide explores the various types and uses of shipping containers available, explaining their functions and benefits for a range of applications.

New Containers

New containers stand out as the epitome of contemporary design and functionality. Ideal for government agency and contractor use, these containers provide a fresh start for projects requiring top-tier solutions. Whether serving as secure storage units or weather-protected offices, new containers offer durability, versatility, and an outside-the-box approach to adding space where it is needed most.

Beyond their contemporary design features, new containers provide exceptional durability in the face of extreme weather conditions. Thus, they excel as a solution for safeguarding stored items, from equipment to documents to chemicals. Like miniature warehouses, they can be climate-controlled. 

Perhaps best of all, they offer almost endless opportunities for customization. When extra office, classroom, or utility space is needed, a customized shipping container can be a highly cost-effective solution. Customization can transform a container into an ideally-sized building, complete with temperature control, plumbing, lighting, flooring, shelving, doors, windows, and more–all for significantly less than a traditional building project. Containers can also be vented to provide safe storage for hazardous materials.

Refurbished Containers

Refurbished containers strike an essential balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. Through a meticulous inspection and restoration process, these containers become an eco-friendly option for agencies and contractors with environmental impact targets. 

Like new containers, refurbished containers excel as reliable, weather-protected storage solutions. With simple customization options available, refurbished containers are ideal not only for traditional storage but for many of the same applications new containers are: office and classroom space, utility usage, and specialty applications, such as chemical storage–all at a reduced cost.

Used Containers

Used containers maintain a high standard of quality and structural integrity, making them suitable for various applications. Despite being pre-owned, these containers offer proven durability and effective weather protection. Government agencies and contractors can consider used containers for short-term projects, especially those with sustainability goals.

Though a used shipping container may have small amounts of rust or some aesthetic imperfections, its integrity allows for many different applications, including equipment storage, weather protection, and loss prevention.

Rental Options

Flexibility is a key consideration for projects with short-term needs, and renting shipping containers provides a practical solution. These containers offer weather-protected storage and office space without the commitment of ownership. Government agencies and contractors can benefit from the versatility and cost-effectiveness of rental options.

Rental options provide flexibility for short-term projects or events, offering on-demand office space for mobile projects. The reliable weather protection they offer, coupled with cost-effective rental arrangements, makes them an attractive choice for those seeking adaptable storage solutions without long-term ownership commitments.


In the realm of storage solutions, shipping containers stand out as versatile options for government agencies and contractors. Whether new, refurbished, used, or rented, each type provides unmatched durability, versatility, and weather protection. Consider the specific uses and benefits of each container type to make informed decisions for your agency’s storage needs.