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Customize Shipping Containers to Your Exact Specifications

Consider this… Containers are a versatile solution with unlimited possibilities. We use a prefabricated multipurpose steel box that is durable, heavy, indestructible, secure, waterproof, customizable, spacious, and mobile to create the most imaginative, original, visionary, and clever storage solutions possible. We are only limited by your imagination. Call Us at (1-800-674-9343)!

Our team of designers and fabricators are the best in the business in terms of executing creative and custom solutions with unmatched workmanship and quality.

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Shipping Container Doors

Green Shipping Container with custom garage door
3'x6'8 in Man Door
Custom shipping container with doors added
4'x6'8in Man Door
Insulated shipping container with added door
4' Roll Up Doors
Small shipping container with secure door
6' Roll Up Doors
Shipping Container with roll up door
7' Roll Up Doors
Green Shipping Container with custom garage door
9' Roll Up Doors
Shipping Container with 9 foot roll up doors

Basic Everyday Uses & Shipping Container Storage

Customized shipping container for storage
Dry Storage
Heavy Duty shelves for commercial storing shipping container applications
Refrigerated storage
Insulated storage
Insulated shipping container
Climate controlled storage
Climate controlled shipping container
Tool Sheds
Shipping container converted into a tool shed
Work Shops
Shipping container with customized work bench
She Sheds
Equipment Sheds
Home Office
Field Office
Parking relief building

Creative Uses Living

Shipping container with custom sliding glass doors
Tiny House
Hunting lodges
Pool house
Above-ground modified pools
Dog Kennels
Wine Cellar
Firewood Storage


Tractor in shipping container storage
Hay/Grain and Feed Storage
Shipping container with custom door
Box Stalls
Tack room
Shipping container turned into Tack Room
Chicken Coop

Commercial / Industrial

Shipping container used for Commercial Storage
Conference rooms
Organization space
Concession Stand
Shipping Container used as Concession Stand
Oxygen/Gas bottle storage
Announcers booth
Oil room
Steel storage
Lumber Storage
Chemical storage
Generator room

List of Custom Modifications

This is a list of the everyday modifications that we do, however we are limited to these. We can execute about anything that your creative solution may call for. Call us and let our design team consult with you to execute your design. We are experts at creative custom solutions.

Rollup Doors 3’, 6’, 7’, 8’ , 9’
Man Door 3’ x 6’8” or 4’ x 6’8”
Barn Sliding Door



3’ x 3’
4’ x 4’
Special sizes can be custom ordered

Light Shelving
Heavy Duty Shelving
Work Benches
Custom Material Racks

Basic Wiring package (Lights and Outlets)

Interior Finishing
Interior Walls

Sky Lights 3’ x 2’ Plastic or Glass

Per design and applicable codes



Our Box, Your Dream!

We’ve built cabins, garden sheds, and tack rooms with our containers. Have an idea for your shipping container? Let us know!

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