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Commercial Storage

Shipping Containers for Commercial Storage

Nearly 70 years ago, Conex boxes were used to ship cargo or to store supplies. Now known more commonly as shipping containers, they have become much more than a way to ship cargo over waterways or along train tracks. Because they are steel framed and made to take a beating, shipping containers have been used as a long-term storage solution.

Whether it’s for track and field equipment at a high school or as site storage for construction projects, shipping containers provide high-quality secure storage. Over the past several years, these steel storage containers have been made into so much more. Mobile offices, accessory dwelling units, and even pools.

Heavy Duty shelves for commercial storing shipping container applications

Commercial Storage

Because of their double doors, ground-level access, and construction of heavy-duty steel, shipping containers are still a popular choice as a commercial storage unit. Easy to load, unload, and weather and water-tight, these portable storage spaces provide for extra space for commercial purposes.

One of the advantages of using a storage container for inventory or equipment is security. So often in warehouses, your supplies are positioned alongside the supplies of other companies that have rented the warehouse space next to yours. Security cameras may make sure nothing is stolen, but they can’t protect against human error or accidents.

With a shipping container, you’ll be able to store your inventory securely without having to share space. With enough room on the property, you’ll be able to store overflow goods or supplies within yards of your building. No more taking the time to drive out to a warehouse – just a simple walk to the back of the facility will do.

Although they do need a sturdy foundation to be placed on, there is no need to secure a storage container. That means your storage container can be moved if situations dictate, such as an expansion or if you move to a new location. Portability, security, and privacy are all just a phone call away.

Customize your Storage

Depending on what you need to store, Container Stop can add shelving, partitions, wiring for HVAC, and insulation. This will keep your excess inventory easily accessible and easy to find. Racks for piping or lumber, cleaning stations with running water, or wiring for lamps to help germinate plants.

Have unique storage needs or requirements? Let us know the specifics and we’ll build the appropriate apparatus. Our motto is “Our Box, Your Dream.” Let us know what you want, and we’ll turn your ideas into reality. We can even paint the exterior of your commercial storage unit.

Go With The Pros

Container Stop has been sending shipping containers for rent or to buy all over California, up to the Pacific Northwest, and as far away as Taxes. The ideal solution for short and long-term commercial storage, shipping containers can also be customized to better fit your needs.

In addition to customized storage, Container Stop also personalizes shipping containers for other uses. Need a portable office for a construction site or a container that opens from both ends of a storage container at the job site? Reach out to Container Stop and we’ll find the right container for you.

Our Box, Your Dream!

We’ve built cabins, garden sheds, and tack rooms with our containers. Have an idea for your shipping container? Let us know!

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