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Industrial Storage

Shipping Containers for Industrial Storage

As a business grows, space at an industrial plant, facility, or other structure can become scarce. Decisions have to be made regarding additions or just moving to a new location. Both options can be very costly, especially if all you really need is just a little more storage space.

Known as Conex Boxes from their inception, the wind and water tightness, heavy-duty construction, and cost-effectiveness of corrugated shipping containers make them ideal for commercial and industrial storage units. There are several different grades of shipping containers, but no matter how they look on the outside, the corrugated steel storage solutions are ideal for industrial applications.

Industrial equipment can refer to many different types of machinery, parts, or attachments. Perhaps there is a waste product that needs to be safe and secure until it can be taken to a treatment facility for processing. Co2 tanks, drums of oil, and other supplies that keep an industrial plant moving can also be housed in these secure storage spaces.

Shipping containers are easy to place and much cheaper to buy than building additional storage onto an existing structure. The largest containers will provide around 350 square feet of extra space, including up to nine feet of clearance overhead. What processes could you improve with that kind of extra space at the job site?

Shipping container converted into a tool shed

Industrial Storage Customization

Before worrying about dark, dank, and dirty shipping containers you may have seen elsewhere, Container Stop can turn your long-term solution into something you can be proud of. We can custom paint the outside to match the rest of your building to personalizing storage solutions on the interior.

Inside the storage containers, we can add windows, personal doors, roll-up doors, and shelving to your exact specifications. We can even frame out the inside of the container, add electricity and plumbing, and build temperature-controlled storage containers for especially sensitive supplies.

Container Stop can also customize the overall size of your shipping container. While the width (eight feet) and height (8 ½ feet or 9 ½ feet) of a container can’t be changed due to structural concerns, the length can be altered. We can provide storage containers from five feet to 45 feet and any size in between.

Don’t have room for a 40-footer? Consider multiple smaller containers to provide the amount of storage you need or to keep volatile chemicals apart from each other. Have a massive facility? Strategically placed containers around the compound will allow you to take care of storage needs while improving flow on the inside.

Industrial Storage Container Placement

For cold storage, some facilities prefer the unit to be inside the plant. If you have a door big enough and elbow room on the inside, we can place the container just about anywhere you want. With forklifts and smaller cranes, empty containers are relatively easy to move. However, there are some considerations when it comes to container placement.

Access Points: Chances are, large trucks are coming and going from your facility on a daily basis, so the delivery shouldn’t be an issue. We use a variety of trucks using tilt-trailers and other trailers. As you might expect, a 45-foot trailer will need more room than a 20-footer.

Foundations: Although containers can be placed on pier blocks or other raised platforms, they are usually found at ground level. There are no issues if there is already concrete or asphalt in place, just so long as the ground is level. If placing the container on bare earth, make sure it is level and will be able to handle the weight.

Maneuverability: Even if the container is just 20 feet, we’ll need at least 40 feet to be able to get the truck into position, unload the container, and move the truck out of the way. In the middle of a field is no issue. In the middle of a cluster of outbuildings gets a little trickier.

Work With Experience

Container Stop has delivered standard and customized shipping containers all over California, the West Coast, and as far away as Texas. Our favorite saying is “Our Box, Your Dream.” Have a need for extra storage, a construction site office, or even an ADU? Request a quote and we’ll see what we can do. We look forward to seeing your ideas!

Our Box, Your Dream!

We’ve built cabins, garden sheds, and tack rooms with our containers. Have an idea for your shipping container? Let us know!

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