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Shipping Container Products & Services

Shipping containers neatly stackedServing all of California, Container Stop takes care of all of your shipping container needs. Instead of buying a container, calling someone else to deliver it, then hiring another company, Container Stop takes care of everything. We have several containers on hand, and if we don’t have the one you need, we’ll get it.

Beyond that, we offer a personalized touch when it comes to your container. Whether you need a 40-footer to store farm equipment in a field or a highly personalized unit for additional living space, we have the experience to deliver exactly what you’re looking for in a container.

New & Used Shipping Containers

Our containers come in various lengths with two standard heights: 8 ½ feet high or 9 ½ feet high, also referred to as high cube containers. All of our containers are roughly eight feet wide, although the interior dimensions can vary depending on the maker or style of container.

Shipping container with roll up doorWhat sets Container Stop apart from the competition is the level of customization we offer. Standard lengths of shipping containers are 10, 20, and 40 feet long. We also carry 45-foot containers but can cut the container to almost any length. Need a 31-foot container to fit behind your shop for overflow inventory? We can do that.

Container Stop deals in both new and used products to fit our customer’s needs. Our new containers are in pristine condition, with little to no dents or dings, quality flooring, and easy-to-use doors. These are ideal for offices or even additional living space.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have containers that have seen better days. If you need to save a little bit of money and don’t care what the container looks like, we have it. Container Stop also offers everything in between.

Container Customizations, Deliveries, and Rentals

Anybody can sell you a container. But nobody delivers the level of customer service Container Stop does. From finding the perfect container to fit your needs, customizing it to your specifications, and delivering the final product, we handle all of your shipping container needs.


Whether it’s for a construction site office or fully functioning accessory dwelling unit, there is almost no limit to what we can do for you. We like to say, “It’s our box, but it’s your dream.” We outfit your shipping container with everything you need, including:

  • Standard Doors
  • Rollup Garage Doors
  • Windows
  • Skylights
  • Vents
  • HVAC Units

Don’t see something on the list? Just ask us and we’ll see what we can do. Our experienced crew has wired containers for both internal and external lighting as well as adding plumbing fixtures to containers. All you need to do is connect the services and your container will be fully self-contained.

Difficult Deliveries

Delivering a container over river bedWe realize that not every container delivery will be to the middle of a wide-open field. While we do require a certain amount of room for maneuverability, our trucks are equipped to handle tight spots. But there are few things to consider when it comes to delivering a container.

For example, if you order a 30-foot container, you’ll need at 30 feet of space to place it. Additionally, we need enough room to place the container as well as the truck and trailer. Not sure if you have the room you need? Let us know and we can determine the best course of action.


Getting ready for a large home remodel and have to store your stuff? Need extra room for holiday inventory for over three months? Would an on-site office be beneficial for a year-long industrial project? Container Stop has you covered.

We have a variety of containers for rental use, including custom-made containers. Need something specific? We can customize an existing container to meet your rental requirements. Any of standard containers are ideal for long-term storage and are guaranteed to be wind and watertight.

Since 2015, we have been a one-stop shop for shipping containers in California and surrounding states. We can get any container you require and personalize it to your specifications. Visit our FAQ page for more information, or contact us today to see how we can help.