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Shipping Container Rentals

Shipping Container Rentals

Newer container ready for short term storageIn addition to selling new and used shipping containers, we also offer standard and custom containers for short or long-term rentals. Instead of driving to a self-storage facility, we bring the storage to you! Need a place for all of your stuff while remodeling your home? You’ll save time, gas, and money renting one of our containers.

Our customers range from homeowners and small business owners all the way up to large department stores. We’ve supplied containers for Walmart to store their overstock and excess inventory. Our containers are solid, secure, and mobile and are wind and watertight.

We rent for weeks at a time, a month, a year, or even longer. A large-scale renovation project is already a lengthy project. When you add in a few unforeseen problems, deadlines get pushed back. We understand that and will work with you to keep the rental as long as you need it.

Rental Shipping Container Dimensions

Our shipping containers come in a variety of standard sizes, including 10-, 20-, and 45-feet long. However, we have the ability to cut containers down to specific sizes: if you only have room for a 15-foot container, we’ll use one from our inventory or modify an existing container.

Our containers are all 8 ½ feet or 9 ½ feet (also known as a high cube) tall and 8 feet wide. The interior of the containers is slightly smaller depending on the thickness of the container walls. While the length can be altered, width and height can’t be changed.

We’ll Delivery to You

Just like when we deliver purchased units, Container Stop can deliver rentals to almost anywhere in California. While we are able to conduct site surveys either in person or online, we depend on customer information as well for deliveries. We need to have room to maneuver our truck, trailer, and container into the spot you want.

Unlike sold containers, though, we must also be able to retrieve the container when you’re finished with it. So take that into consideration when you’re are figuring out where to place the container. If we are able to see your property online, we may be able to offer placement suggestions.

Storage Container Rental Rates

Modified container ready for rentalOur most popular sizes have standard rental rates: a 40-foot container goes for $135 a month while a 20-foot container is $86 a month. There are also delivery fees based on the delivery distance and site location. Placing a rental behind a shop in the city may cost more than dropping one in the middle of a field.

We also rent customized rentals as well. Many of our containers feature personal entry doors, roll-up doors, windows, and even plumbing or wiring. These are ideal for temporary job offices at construction sites for example. They will cost more than standard units but can be fully self-contained if service is available at the site. We can also customize your rental.

Need extra storage space for a few weeks or longer? Instead of driving several miles to a storage unit every time you need to get something, why not let Container Stop bring the storage unit to you? All of our containers are wind and watertight, secure, and durable. Contact us today to see how we can solve your storage problems.