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Storage Containers Arroyo Grande

White Storage Containers Arroyo Grande stacked

Here at Container Stop, we offer a wide variety of services to our highly valued customers. Our Arroyo Grande shipping containers are both durable and Earth-friendly! We also provide shipping containers for all of San Luis Obispo County and beyond.

Some of the services we offer include:

Shipping Containers Arroyo Grande for your Storage needs

Everybody could use a little extra space, but not everybody can afford to make monthly payments on a storage unit. If you have stuff in storage, you most likely don’t want to risk losing it. With rental storage units, missing monthly payments over an extended period of time could result in total loss of your unit, and the items you had stored in it. Nobody wants that, so why not just save the money you’d be putting towards monthly payments and get a permanent storage container? Our Arroyo Grande Shipping Containers come in 10 foot, 20 foot, and 40 foot sizes to give you as much space as you may need, without the risk of losing your valuables.

Container Hauling

For those who don’t have means of hauling the cargo containers they may, we here at Container Stop offer you a solution. We do have means of hauling these containers, and we’ll bring them to you! Don’t worry about how far you are, we’ll travel all throughout California to help a customer in need of our new or used cargo shipping containers!

Container Modifications

Storage containers don’t just have to be for storage or shipping cargo. Our durable, heavy duty shipping containers are earth-friendly and perfect for conversion to a living space, studio, or whatever other purpose you can think of! “How?” you might say. Well we can install ventilation, cut out spaces for windows, cut out spaces for doors (sliding, pull-up, or standard), and help you turn our affordable storage containers into a unique living space!

Arroyo Grande Container Rentals and Sales

For those who only temporarily need our storage containers, we offer affordable storage container rentals, and for those who are interested in purchasing we offer sales! The prices are varied on our containers, as we have both new and used containers that come in 3 sizes (10 foot, 20 foot, and 40 foot), but feel free to email us at for a quote!


Arroyo Grande

Arroyo Grande is a small coastal town between Pismo Beach and Santa Maria with a population of 17,252. It is 10 miles from the beach and is known for its vintage housing and historic roots. Many of the houses in Arroyo Grande are over 100 years old, and it was once a stagecoach stop along the Highway. A known tourist attraction in Arroyo Grande is the Swinging Bridge, which was originally constructed in early 1875 by the Short family whose land was divided by the Arroyo Grande Creek. It spans 171 feet across and is suspended 40 feet above the creek. It is owned and maintained by the City of Arroyo Grande, and to this day is the only one of its kind in California. The latitude and longitude of Arroyo Grande is 35.1208° N, 120.5867° W.

Useful resources:

Arroyo Grande City

Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce

Arroyo Grande Visitor’s Guide


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