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Storage Containers Fresno

Shipping containers in Fresno, Ca - custom shipping container with side entry

Fresno and surrounding communities have storage needs that range from unique metropolitan residential and business uses to specialized rural requirements. Container Stop in Paso Robles has the best ability to supply Fresno storage containers.

To meet Fresno storage container needs, we can deliver 10, 20 and 40-foot containers to you at any location in or around Fresno. You can buy or rent a Fresno storage container and avoid the high cost and inconvenience of commercial storage. Our units give you the added convenience of having your stored items easily at-hand on your own property.


Fresno Storage Containers for your needs

Do you need something different than the standard container? Shipping containers are proving to be much more than just heavy-duty and secure storage. We can customize any unit and turn it into the living or creative space you have always wanted. Our earth-friendly containers are easily converted to extra living space, art studios, an office and more. Adding windows, entryways and ventilation help make a shipping container into a versatile work or play space.

We have new and used containers. Our prices vary depending on factors such as size, whether the unit is new or used and if you are renting or purchasing.

We are always happy to answer your questions and to bring you the storage container that best meets your needs. Fill out our online quote form and we will get back to you.



Fresno, the county seat of Fresno County. The name is Spanish for “ash tree” and an ash leaf is featured on the city flag. Fresno is the economic hub of the San Joaquin Valley. The communities and rural towns surrounding the county seat are predominately large-scale agricultural operations. California State University, Fresno (also known as “Fresno State”) is based in Fresno.

The original inhabitants of the region were the Yokut people who engaged in trading with other California indigenous people including coastal peoples such as the Chumash of the Central California coast. Descendants of the Yokut, the Tachi-Yokut, are still living in the region.

The city of Fresno originated from a small town “Fresno Station” that grew around a Southern Pacific Railroad station that was established in 1872. Residents from the then county seat, Millerton, worrying about flooding and drawn to the convenience of the railroad, moved to Fresno Station. Two years after the railroad station was established the county seat moved from Millerton to Fresno. Fresno was incorporated in 1885.

Fresno’s cultural offerings include the Fresno Grand Opera, the Fresno Philharmonic, the Woodward Shakespeare Festival, performing arts theaters, youth orchestras and performing arts, museums, festivals and an active visual arts community.

Fresno’s population is 520,000 as of 2016. The latitude and longitude is 36.7468° N, 119.7726° W.



Useful Resources

City of Fresno 

Fresno/Clovis Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Fresno Chamber of Commerce

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