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Used Containers

Used Shipping Containers For Sale

While many of our containers are in near perfect condition, we also carry a wide variety of used containers for your needs. Our used containers come in a range of appearances, but all will survive the same storm as our used containers. Just with a few more dings, dents, and scratches.

Shipping Container Grades

used shipping containers - Container StopOur shipping containers come in a range of grades, from “one-trippers” to heavily used condition. Depending on what you are using it for, the shape of the container may be of little concern. No matter the appearance, Container Stop guarantees all of our containers are wind and watertight.

In simplest terms, our used containers come in three grades. Our near-new cargo worthy containers have minimal dents, almost perfect paint, doors that open and close easily, and the floors are in above average condition. Essentially, these containers are one step down from brand new.

From there, our containers are graded based on the amount of surface damage. The number of dents, dings, and patches are taken into consideration, as well as the condition of the paint and floors. Even the condition of the doors is accounted for.

At the low end of the scale are heavily used containers. These units have numerous patches, large areas of surface rust, and beat up floors. But even our lowest grade containers are will keep your contents safe and sound from the elements.

Container Stop makes another guarantee as well: none of the containers we have were ever used for chemical storage or shipping. You can be confident that containers will be safe to use for any of your storage needs.

What Sizes Do They Come In?

Our used containers come in the same sizes as the new containers, ranging in size from 10 feet to 45 feet long. Need something other than a standard size container? We can modify our containers to fit your specific needs. We also carry both 8 ½ feet tall and High Cube (9 ½ feet tall) containers as well.

Shipping Container Uses

Our used containers can be used for almost anything. Garden sheds, product storage, and even extra living space. Container Stop can customize most of our used containers to have doors, windows, wiring, or plumbing. We can do almost anything you want us to as long as the structural integrity of the container is left intact.

Just remember what grade of container you’re buying. If you want to use it for a rooftop bar (yes, we’ve done that!), think about how the container will look. If you want that industrial look – but not industrial damage – you’ll want a container that’s in good shape.

Used Shipping Container Costs

Container Stop Used Shipping ContainerJust like anything else, the condition of the container plays a part in the cost of a used shipping container. If you want a like new container, you’ll pay like new prices. If you couldn’t care less about how the container looks, you’ll pay much less.

Delivery fees and other applicable charges are the same as our new containers. For more information on these fees, feel free to fill out our quote form. Make sure to include what size container you’re interested, delivery address, and anything else that could affect the delivery.

Container Stop provides used shipping containers throughout California as well as Arizona and Nevada. Our experienced welding team can personalize your container to suit your specific needs, or leave it untouched if you prefer. Visit our FAQ page for more information or feel free to contact us directly today.

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